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I wish to greet you to magic, submitter, the search traffic wizard video submitter.

It is literally the strongest system ever created to dominate your market online magic submitter causes it to be push-button easy to market anything at all that you want online. You notice magic submitter means that you can create. Numerous accounts check permits you to submit up to two thousand different sites check. It automatically verifies all your accounts checked and it also easily solves all your CAPTCHAs check .

It instantly confirms all the delivery of all the product check and it also can syndicate and backlinks to article sites, check blog sites, article sites, social sites, bookmarking sites, RSS feeds forum sites, PDF sites, WordPress sites as well as site that you should syndicate inside content too. You possibly can program it into magic, submitter! Imagine undergoing the power to submit any type of content to site owners how much you wanted on the web with just some clicks check on top of all that, imagine yourself with the ability to submit spun text to every one the several websites in order that each time they Received your blog posts, it is really a hundred percent unique and 100% original and look engines.

Enjoy that check magic. Submitter also organizes all of your links, for you automatically check, imagine having the ability to instantly ping all your links too to inform the major search engines regarding your recent content. That's online check now imagine for a short time the opportunity to create, drag and drop, link campaigns that appear on autopilot for weeks at a time that you will not have to do anything but only prepare it forget it check now.

Also, imagine yourself with the ability to create professional reports with just some clicks so that you can show your clients exactly all of the labor that you've got been doing and being able to get them to the highest of Google check. Now, before I give you that, I get the urge to spend a couple of moments explaining how magic submitter can rank you master in the search engines and we'll be able to give you access for under five dollars.

That's right! Just get updated for only a few moments, I will agree you however you will get access to this excellent platform to rank you for many anything for under five bucks. Now, before I explain to you that, let me spend a couple of minutes explaining how magic submitter can rank you master in nearly any major search engine for practically any piece of content. It all starts out by comprehending that there's a big myth out there and the myth concerns ranking that whoever has essentially the most backlinks wins and also that couldn't be farther further from truth.

Since a backlink or relationship from another website to your website is like a vote, it is not necessarily whoever has the most votes or whoever has essentially the most backlinks wins. So allow me to give you the three secret ingredients to have the ability to rank master in Google. For just about anything, you see, search engines, look at lots of various factors, things such as PageRank Authority, the relevance of anchor text, but the most intriguing.

Are these three ingredients which are primary: how many backlinks, plus a wide range of backlinks and the consistency no matter what the backlinks, and when you throw these three ingredients together, you will have a robust combination you can literally dominate any niche as well as keyword that you just Track so, let's take a fast have a look at Google and figure out how both of these ingredients work together. So I'm simply headline to google speak freely a browser and click on on.

Let's say we will look for dog collars and if I scroll aussie the pay-per-click, let's just grab a URL and make's do hot dog college. This is a massive one right here, so I'm going to simply copy this. Now I'm going to go and check out a distinct site to check out backlinks another site. That's pretty pop is named majestic SEO and all I'm going to do is simply click on the principle URL and I will paste hot dog collars com.

Let's explore see what their backlinks look like. You can now see here we've the number of backlinks and that is ingredient number one. Then we have how many referring domains, and that is only four hundred and five. So we've how many backlinks the distinctiveness of the backlinks, so there's only four hundred and five sites now magic submitter gives you capability to backlink from over two thousand different sites.

So you see the difference here, they're only at 4:05 and so they only have 1300. The third ingredient which happens to be the consistency. Now I and schedule you to see this consistency, so there are hundred to 200 fifty to 100 they're getting backlinks each and every day, and this is now a significant amount of work. If you did not have a strong platform like magic submitter, so you will see your again. All three ingredients, the external backlinks, which is variety of backlinks, the distinctiveness no matter the backlinks and the consistency of the backlinks.

Now I'll also prefer to indicate an important point that you will likely have seen and I get the urge to touch on - you can see here that it's only counting thirteen hundred backlinks well, they did 2 hundred and fifty at the present time and 100 at the present time and looks at One hundred twenty-five this day I am talking about within ten days, there's already 1,300 backlinks. What really on the earth happened to every one of these other backlinks everyday What i m saying is there are literally thousands of backlinks, but it's just tracking 1388.

Well, that is a vital concept. Is only a few backlinks are actually counted and in the manner you experience a backlink counted is how essential that backlink is and magic. Submitter has an automated system that automatically pings your backlinks and that may on autopilot, send backlinks to your current backlinks, therefore I won't get into that concept immediately, just know when these guys are struggling in order to get all their backlinks counted.

As you can see, add all of them up then it's much more than thirteen eighty eight, but thirteen. Eighty eight is whatever they're counting so magic submitter can certainly allow you to dominate, because not exclusively can you thousands of various referring web domains but create lots and lots of backlinks to really get incorporated, to generate a great consistency, on a daily basis on autopilot. So let me let's just jump in here and make's actually go to.

Let's go a pair pages around the time of Google and let's look at page mmm. Let's engage in a page four, let's check there: okay, let's scroll down, let's just grab a random. Let's do what let's do that for a quick along with what I'll you just have to open up site explorer and then in majestic SEO, I'm simply if you would like to paste that in and click Explorer after which let's do, let's head over to page 8 as well. Are just looking to do a fast comparison quicker for you as well as let's grab the bottom one: let's do a short OGG, so we'll just grab the very last one.

And now what is what i mean between page 1, page 4 and page 8? Well, as we believe this really great info page for more code, have a look here: they have only 655 backlinks and merely 317 referring domains, and you may observe the consistency is very sporadic in addition to down here. They have nothing so that they may even ranked well back here, but look it down here, they are not ranking very well at all, because the consistency has dramatically dropped.

Now, let us take a look at page 8. Oh take a look at that. Only 93 backlinks only 43 referring domains they're doing only roughly fifteen to twenty each day, but look at this just jumps and highs and lows and highs and lows after which nothing again. So you will see a pattern here. You need to be on-page 1. Try to find the consistency. Consider the amount look at the referring domains - page 4, even less and page 8 - even lower than that.

So I want to reveal to you what you are able to do with magic submitter, but how magic submitter solved this unbelievable problem, that as a general rule only the professionals understand and here's the secret of nonetheless to just remember to have these three ingredients and all of your marketing online. So now you know what the advantages know, let's take a look at magic, submitters, cutting-edge, bulletproof system. That equips you with an on advantage to have the ability to rank just about anything at the very top Google and the request engines.

I've opened up magic, submitter and I will give you all different sites that you've got: article directory sites and bookmarking service and blogs that RSS feeds and article and forums and press release sites and syndication sites. What i m saying is it's amazing, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of various sites in several categories, all anticipating that enable you to use them to begin ranking at top of Google.

So the first thing we wish to do real, quick is to design profile so read how fast this is. Click fill profile, choose hotmail, fill out a few simple things down here: click Save after which magic submitter will automatically create an email pertain to you within socket mode plus a socket mode is solely it's with the use of a direct access off of the internet. It is reluctant to use a browser. It is seven hundred times faster than with a browser, and what magic submitter is doing right now is organising an email profile simpler for you, so that you literally can result in numerous accounts on autopilot.

So you can see here it's just taking almost twenty two seconds to 30 seconds to design profile in order to start and we're done I will re-check that my email continues to be produced in a hotmail. You see the check mark here, says it's been created and then I'm simply if you would like to check it to ensure that it's communicating. I get the urge to click test connection, and you can see here connected successfully, so magic submitter can connect with the email and I've set up a profile already and we're ready to start creating accounts.

It's that fast. Which means that good selection is: where can we start? Should we do articles bookmarking services, blogs, articles forums, press release sites? Well, let's start with bookmarking services, and you'll see here that you've dozens and dozens of very high PR PR, eights and PR sixes three. These would be the top sites on the planet with regards to bookmarking, and all I all you need to do is check all of them here and then click create accounts and read how magic submitter jumps in in just a couple of seconds instantly starts creating accounts.

You will see only about 18 seconds has passed by trying to find at all the accounts. That's created! Look for this! It's just it's amazing. How fast this is. I am talking about multiple counts. It's like having an army of marketers working simpler for you as well as over and over again and all the while. You will certainly get one that doesn't register, but you can always try that again. You will notice here that magic submitter keeps accountability for everything.

It's showing us it's literally, creating 44 services a minute. That's how fast it's so. The next step we would like to try this we've produced the sights is we should verify our accounts and magic submitter because it can attain our email can do this for our benefit, so once magic submitter is completed, it asks you would you like to activate all The email confirmations now you just have to click yes, but if you neglect to click yes, magic submitter will automatically do this every 20 minutes, therefore, let's just click yes and skim: magic, submitter, browse your email box and then read your emails and then Go through one after the other by one confirming each account needed to construct 50 60 accounts to go through it, that might spend some time and even two days actions you need to take what magic submitter did and under two minutes now.

The next action we want to you just have to create a particular item to submit. So all I have to do is examine a browser in the manage items, and I could in fact put my bookmark title in. I will put my URL my tags and my description as well as what I performed real quick is actually created one just so you can see how simple it's to repeat and paste. So you will notice I normally takes a title along these lines or that's even more powerful for anybody a bit more complicated, you could put spin syntax in here, so I could enter the spin syntax in every single time that magic, submitter Submits something it's going to spin it.

So it's 100% user generated content, so you will notice here and invest my URL in You can put. Submitter is my keyword, and You can put it is my bookmarking tag, keyword too and then, instead of putting a normal, you can see your description summary. I am able to put a sponge summary in and I will copy and paste inside it and click on preview, and you'll see when I spin this each time. It will give me hot up understand how to crush it with marketing and PR figure out how to crush it with internet advertising how you can get traffic.

So you will notice every time it submits we'll get a backlink and things are 100 % unique. When you switch to spin syntax so very powerful feature now, I'm going to click Save and now we're ready. You can see your the way to dominate with marquee online now we're ready to submit just play all of the accounts that you would like to submit to and click the submit button and browse magic submitter simply quickly submit all your blog posts for you gaze how fast this is submitted Submitted and submitted, I am talking about it's amazing, look we're only 20 seconds, we've already back linked at the least 10 12 almost 20.

Now so I'm hoping you could see the ability of this in just some moments. What they have been equipped to do is literally send dozens of backlinks to our content and merely not various types backlinks, the backlinks that are caused by some of the most popular enjoyable sought-after and the majority of authoritative sites on this planet like tumblr and delicious. These tend to be PR eats and peer sixes and sevens, and not only bookmarking, but remember: you have article directory sites and blogs and RSS feeds and article sites and forum sites and press release sites.

I am talking about over 2,000 sites that you can get backlinks from and you'll put it all on autopilot. So allow me to provide you with just extra powerful features that magic submitter can do for you and browse how fast you are able to do it as well as let me start by displaying you the link manager, a powerful system, that's built into magic, submitter that quickly in easily downloads. Ever a single link that you build: are you able to see this? This is amazing.

All your unique content that you create online magic submitter goes out and downloads the link right into a proprietary system, and then every time create more links as profile. For that account it cross-references and to just be sure you never get double links. So every one of these are live links and each one of these are literally the backlinks that you created all systemized, all organized right inside magic. Submitter.

Now remember when I showed you a few minutes ago, why some links don't get found is because not only do you do not have the links, but you do not know how to aid links so inside magic submitter. You could in fact turn every one of these links and RSS them. You can even bookmark your links and magics meter even automatically pings, all your links for you. It just isn't ping or notify the various search engines on a number of different sites, it literally notifies and dozens of sites.

So this is the reason magic submitter links continue getting picked up and why other systems are those that do it right manually don't now. This is only a tip no matter what the iceberg, but these days let me give you the strongest feature that I've ever noticed in any software platform, and its called the campaign mode and all I will do - is then check out the campaign button here and browse a Campaign and browse how briskly I can literally put all my marketing for all pot, I'm just going to an ideal frame here, so you will notice this, so this is my money site.

This is a site that I wish to rank first in the Google and for instance I wish to backlink it with many article submission sites and I wan na bookmark it, and I wish to send some backlinks for many blogs and then I get the urge to backlink It with some press releases and even more WordPress blogs. All I all you need to do is simply browse along with these areas. I put in my title my tags, my description. I click Save. I open up an editorial for our particular article title summary, my article itself keywords and click on Save and then all I have to do is connect letting it to the cash site and then contained in the money site.

I may in fact set some initial days that I need this entire campaign to randomly send backlinks to so I could set this up with a seven day period and then each in daily, magic submitter will send backlinks to my money site or a Seven day period, so I don't have to do anything just place it and forget it and even more powerful than the is magic. Submitter will automatically take these links and backlink them.

All you actually do is simply send back-links to your current backlinks, so you could in fact take blogs and you can backlink your article directory links to blogs. You possibly can see your RSS and you may back like your press release sites. You can take expression engine or forum after which you could in fact backlink your WordPress and then you have the ability bring your or let's say, go take some other web sites like some micro blogs and you can backlink your micro blogs.

So the things you're doing is you're backlinking, your backlinks, so this would be the primary a week and to discover the magic submitter would automatically send backlinks to your backlinks the subsequent seven days. So literally, this is a 14 day campaign. All on autopilot just set it and forget it and again remember when I'm showing you why some backlinks never get found well. Magic submitter has literally solved that challenge with its campaign feature, so you can see now how powerful this is and we want to get.

You started straight away and dominating your market online. Therefore here's almost everything that'd like to do we probably love to offer you our magic, submitter software, which, if you compare another software, that's out there within a submitter class. It's at minimum 100 and forty seven dollars a month and we'll provide you with live free, interactive form you could engage or fantastic marketers on the earth so if you truly go on any form of forum they minimally charge.

Forty seven dollars per month and you're going to get free monthly updates. We're also going to offer free email support. Also free live coaching and training. Now, if you are truly included in various types monthly coaching you're trained with regards to teaching others how to market online, it's a minimum of a thousand a month and then we're also going to offer available reach to marketing training, Balt, which has literally dozens




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